April 19, 2019
  • 4:15 am Studying Superpowers
  • 11:37 pm Rock Paper Scissors

We’ve all had to study at some point in our lives, whether for school or work, we have to study. This post will explore the top SEVEN study guide creators that will save you time and money while expanding your brain power:


Most all of us have used or at least used Quizlet at some point in our lives. It is great for studying for bilingual, vocabulary, or location-association tests and creating notecards. However, one downfall to Quizlet is that it is not as versatile as other sites on this list.



Quia is not a very well-known source, however it is very useful. It is geared towards teachers creating interactive tests, quizzes, and activities; however, it can be proven very helpful when studying for an exam. It is very open-source and versatile, allowing you to create questions of many natures and options. The only downfall to this service is that it comes at a cost when creating resources (free for students to use resources created by a teacher). In order to create resources, you must sign up with an instructor account, which costs $50/yr however there is a 30-day free trial.



Google Forms is probably one of the most simple yet overlooked ways to create study guides. You can simply convert the form to a quiz in its settings and add questions with answers and point values. Better yet, it is completely free!



GoConqr is a great way to create a variety of resources when signing up as an instructor/teacher account. You can create quizzes, study guides, notes, notecards, and more for free (there is also a premium plan).



Zzish is a great way to create multiple-choice study guides (it is similar to Quizizz) and completely FREE!



Quizizz is a great way to create multiple-choice study guides (it is similar to Zzish) and completely FREE!



Kahoot is a widely popular multiple-choice in-class game; however, it is also useful for study guides. The only downfall is that you need two devices to play the Kahoot when finished.