Return Policy

All sales are final. Services and add-ons can be exchanged for other services and/or add-ons of lesser or equal value.


Payment is only accepted in cash, check, or discounts.


KWERTYq has the right to refuse discount price to any customer. Multiple discounts may be used simultaneously under certain circumstances determined by KWERTYq employees at the time of quote writing.


An account and services cancellation consists mainly of halting present and future edits to the website. A $10 cancellation fee will be required to officially cancel the account and services. Accounts can be revived after cancellation within 12 months of the cancellation. After 12 months, the website will be deleted. When cancelled, the site will be taken off of the file manager, but kept on file within KWERTYq’s files unless a $50 transfer fee is paid to KWERTYq from the account holder. If the transfer fee is paid, the website will then be fully owned and operated by the cancelled account holder.

Access to Client Information

To access your client information, go to http://www.kwertyq.com/client and log in using the information emailed to you